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Airo Lifts, coming with over 20 years of combined expertise and command in the elevator industry purely serving residential homes introduces its hallmark product.

Our top priority for safety and safe manufacturing practices has led to this iconic product. We are proud to announce the innovation of this safest product and with adoption of the best safety equipment in the world.

Airo lifts comes with its own elite design giving a 360 degree panoramic view spilling elegance all over your home making it the safest mobility option for children and elderly. Top-Notch design, security features and equipment with requisite certifications makes it the best option you might never have experienced.

Elevate With Ease

Leading Home Lift Experts, Where Safety and Style Meet

Elevate With Ease

Leading Home Lift, Where Safety and Style Meet


Our Elevator has no requirement for a PIT or a MACHINE ROOM. This makes it almost zero civil work.


Elevator CAR and Shaft is transparent giving a 360 degree panoramic view from inside and outside the elevator.


Elevators are delivered in a semi assembled condition which reduces installation time to 3 or 4 Days.


Our Elevator is designed to be a self-supporting structure. Thus it doesn’t require any columns or beams for support making it almost zero renovation or civil work at your site.


This modern equipment is designed to consume single phase electricity at the slightest level only when travelling upwards. This makes it Eco-Friendly and the best elevator on this planet.


This High Technology Elevator is designed for slightest maintenance coming with no requirement for Oiling & lubrication, counterweights and battery backup.


The Outer Cylinder is a stand-alone structure built using Aerospace grade Aluminium and Galvanized Steel which is completely rust-free. It comes around with curved glass made of polycarbonate that is 300 times stronger than a normal glass.


Elevator Cabin or CAR has walls made up of polycarbonate glass and it moves within the elevator shaft using the rails. This Car is designed to secure safe and smooth landing in every floor.


The top most part of the Elevator is the Pneumatic Assembly that comprehends of all the components helping in suction that includes turbines, valves and the control unit.

Revolutionary Space-Saving Design: Maximize Your Home's Square Footage with our Compact Home Lifts.

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